Name of Doctors on The School’s Medical Panel

  1. Dr. A.K.Jain

    (M.B.B.S) Consulting Physician
    Behind Petrol Pump, Ahmed Bagh, Saharanpur

  2. Dr. Somya Jain

    MD(Med.) Fellow Rheumatology
    Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi
    EULAR, Czech Republlc (Europe)
    Consulting Rheumatologist & Physician
    Behind Petrol Pump, Ahmed Bagh, Saharanpur

  3. Dr. Neetu Jain

    MD (Path.), Consulting Pathologist & Haematologist
    Behind Petrol Pump, Ahmed Bagh, Saharanpur

  4. Dr. Vikas Jain

    MD (Paedia), Consulting Paediatrician
    Smt. Devi Jain Nursing Home, Raiwala, Partap Nagar, Saharanpur

  5. Dr. Amrita Gaur

    MS (ENT), Consulting Ent. Surgeon
    Medical Colony, Ambala Road, Saharanpur

  6. Dr. Viram Upadhayay

    MDS, Consulting Dental Surgeon
    Bajoria Road, Saharanpur

  7. Dr. Deepti Upadhayay

    BDS, Consulting Dental Surgeon
    Bajoria Road, Saharanpur

  8. Dr. Sanjeev Mittal

    MD (Med.), Consulting Physician
    Dehradoon Road, Saharanpur

  9. Dr. Himanshu Mehta

    DM (Neuro.), Consulting Neurologist
    Bajoria Road, Saharanpur

  10. Dr. Anupam Malik

    DTCT, DNB (Chest), IDCC, Critical Care Consulting Chest & Critical Care Specialist
    Near Hari Mandir, Avas Vikas, Saharanpur

  11. Dr. Anant Aggarwal

    MS (Optho.), Consulting Opthalmologist
    Eye-Q Hospital, Sadar Thana Road, Saharapur

  12. Dr. D.P.Jain

    MS (Surg.), Consulting Surgeon
    Bajoria Road, Saharanpur

  13. Dr. Rahul Singh

    MS (Ortho.), Consulting Orthopaedician
    Bajoria Road, Saharanpur

  14. Dr. Surender Sharma

    MS (Ortho.), Consulting Orthopaedician
    Sughandha Nursing Home, Damodar Colony, Saharanpur

  15. Dr. S.K.Gupta

    MS (Ortho.), Consulting Orthopaedician
    Gupta Nursing Home, Near Sadar Thana, Saharanpur

NB: Treatment of the child must be done by the above doctors or if any other doctor has been consulted then the medical prescription/certificate must be countersigned by any one of the above doctors as per the disease that the child is suffering from. Only after an endorsement will a medical certificate be valid & accepted for attendance or examination purposes.

lf a child is suffering from some congenital/accidental handicap or illness the parents must submit, in writing, about the same and certified by the consultant doctor. This is essential as during an emergency the school will administer first aid followed by a call to the concerned parent/doctor. At the time of admission the parents must submit a fitness certificate for the ward. This fitness certificate must be submitted for all children taking admission from any doctor listed in the school’s medical panel.