House System :

The four houses Black Rose, Marshal Neil, Super Star and Blue Moon which have been named after four varieties of rose, function in a very smooth and steady way under the guidance of their Captains, Vice-Captains and Prefects. The Student Council in Asha Modern School is there to maintain the high standards of the school, uphold its ideals and traditions, and perform faithfully the duties of their office.

All inter-school activities are first encouraged at the Inter-House level and then graduate on to a higher plane viz. to compete with other schools.

Extending Learning Experience Beyond Classrooms :

It is the environment at Asha Modern School that fosters leadership, teamwork, creativity and communication which has helped Modernites through the years to standout in every field of endeavor. The institution believes in going beyond academics and places special emphasis on extracurricular activities, which are crucial to the over all growth of the child. Our belief is that there is a musician, a dancer, an orator or an artist hidden in every child waiting to be discovered.

All the festivals are celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. The school spares no efforts and funds to make each and every festival a grand celebration.

Healthy Mind, BodyAnd Spirit :

Sports form a very important part of the daily routine and every student is encouraged to participate in at least one sport. Children can choose from a wild array of games like basketball, badminton, cricket, volleyball, table tennis, judo etc.

Our achievements on the play field have been extremely impressive. Most of our students usually carve out a niche for themselves in district and state championships, in spite of the cut-throat competition. The school also hosts inter-school and district tournaments.