Miss Asha Jain – Leading by Example

Miss Asha Jain, the renowned educationist, visionary and the driving force behind the school has broken all barriers to change the lives of many. A proud recipient of many awards and accolades, she has risen to an iconic status in the education & social circles of Saharanpur. She has been serving society and humanity with distinction and timeless dedication for nearly five decades. Her mission to educate and empower the needy as well as the well to do, the able along with the disabled and the haves together with the have nots is what makes her stand apart.

Determined and passionate with a penchant for doing things differently, she endeavors to lay emphasis on the last mile and ensure excellence. A perfectionist who pays attention to the minutest detail, she believes that if you focus on the small things the big things get taken care of and in the long run that makes the difference.

According to Miss Asha Jain every child is unique and needs to be nurtured in an environment which encourages discovery, inquiry, learning, expression and communication. A firm believer in encouraging children to discover their inherent abilities and latent talents, she believes that the environment, exposure and experience is what helps a child realise his or her potential.

Under her guidance, the school proudly boasts of having an alumni base of more than 10,000 students serving the nation in India and abroad with position of recognition.

Children are little saplings that need the right nourishment to have strong roots, which will help them to fly with their own wings.