1. Parents / Guardians are advised to see that their wards are regular and punctual in attendance at school. In case of leave / absence the school authorities must be informed in writing. In case the application for leave does not reach in the first period before roll call (8.00 a.m. in summer and 9.00 a.m. in winter) the student shall be marked absent for the day, and a fine of Rs. 1/- charged for every day of such absence. This fine for absence will be realized by the respective class teachers.
  2. Pupils may absent themselves only for sickness, bereavement in the family, or any other serious reason. Absence for a mere social function is not recommended.
  3. Half day leave is strictly forbidden and as such the parents / guardians must not pressurize the school authorities for the same.
  4. Parents will not be allowed to bring the tiffins of their wards in school.